Saturday, January 7, 2012

2007 - scrolls with personal meaning

Every single piece of art I do contains something of myself as I put a lot of effort in making them. But some pieces are more important to me than others. There are different reasons for it i.e. I know the recepient, realy like the style of calligraphy or illumination and sometimes I had to work realy hard to finish it.
The following scrolls are examples of these reasons and therfore do all have a personal meaning to me. Enjoy!

Story#1: THis was one scroll I knew/know the recepient of. Because I also like her I wanted to do something special. I finally decided on the white wine illumination and the calligraphy it goes with. But when I started working on it it actually took me an amazing amount of time first to get the calligraphy right (because it is so straight and without any fanciness) and second to find the right Illumination. And then some of the gold wouldn't stick. Well it was actually realy hard work to do... but once it was finished I was so happy it turned out to look like I wanted.

Story#2: This was a scroll I kind of requested to do as I got to be friends with Lord Volker (the recepient) and I knew at some point he would get his AoA. He is very close to my heart and the husband of one of my sister minions. He also is very gifted when it comes to crafts. Even though the scroll itself doesn't fit his persona (late medieval german) I thought it suited him and his character. A bit fancy, a bit complicated and beautiful.

story#3: I love this scroll because of the Initial and the little creatures on the edge. As it is a pcs I had to fit an illumination that symbolizes travel. I found this beautiful ship-initial and it turned out realy well painted (that is always much harder to do then calligraphy for me). At this time I also was fascinated by all the little creatures in the book of houres. This was finally my chance to get three of them on paper. yay ;-P

story #4: this is actualy a scroll that is not medieval... it does have the calligraphy and the medieval illumination but I combined it in a way that it doesn't find. When I realized that I became afraid it would end up as a shelfscroll at my place. All the celtic knots drawing and gilding I would have hated that. But in the end it did go to a (hopefully happy) recepient.

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  1. Sis, Share with us the stories behind your scroll lovlies. We/I want to hear them.