Wednesday, January 4, 2012

winter 2006 - my calligraphy and illumination slowly improves

As I did more and more scrolls, I got more and more practise doing calligraphy. My illumination had to improve still. But I have to admit calligraphy is "easier" for me than painting.

At this point Lady Bridget (now Minionmistress) was and still is my teacher. She gave my hungry eyes books and other peoples work (including her own) to look at and very important critices, helping me to improve but always giving support.

This first scroll is one of these works that do not realy make a "round" impression but at that time I realy wanted to paint this naked girl with the wing and no legs!!!

This work I'm still fond of. The illumination originates from a book that emphasizes on medieval Initials and their different styles.
As you will see I like most of my scrolls simple not too much fancy calligraphy and illumination. This is one example, just straight forward calligraphy and a nice initial.

Here the illumination is a bit fancier than before. Resulting from my interest in the funny little creatures "on the edge". I still like them very much.
Here it is also very clear that my understanding of border leaves / acantus style was limited. :-)

The next two blank scrolls are inspired from pictures of different book of hours from France. The first one from the time period 1400 to 1410 and the second from 1420 to 1430.

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