Sunday, February 19, 2012

for the future - plans, projects, thoughts

Now that you have seen the oldest, most personel and most beautiful of my medieval calligraphy peaces (my very subjetciv opinion ;-), I will talk about my recent projects.
For now I have two areas I concentrate on. One is still and will always be the scrolls I do for my medieval club the SCA. Therefore I can promise you I will post the finished scrolls regularly.
The second area contains art projects that either are inspired by something from the middle ages or result from something I have seen, heard or experienced.

You should also know that I try to study and learn more about calligraphy as much as possible. One way is getting my hands on books and just look at the pictures. Like most of us (the statistics say 90% of the people) I am a visual type and I learn best in 3 and 4 D (seeing, hearing, smelling touching and over time/by repetition). I have the wonderful chance to buy my materials at a big artstore called Boesner, there are also courses held by professional artists. Two years ago I took a course on calligraphy it was wonderful and inspiring. My professor/teacher was Peter Unbehauen. He used the course to promote his book and his courses... of course, but what I liked most about this 2 hours of discurse into the world of calligraphy was his enthusiasm. It was contagious. I got to know more about the history of writing, scribt, colors/paints (materials in general) and techniques. And he said something I always remind myself of... you have to start doing calligraphy... it wont be perfect from the beginning but the way to your perfect peace of art is the fun, the learning and the hardest!

He was and is so right. It took me almost another year to start my own calligraphy project. The final trigger for me was a walk with the dog of my parents through the woods in the fall. I had just gotten my digital camera and decided to try to figure out how it works on the walk. One motive I chose to take pictures of was a leaf eaten by some very hungry bugs, that left only the scelleton of it.
These pictures combined with the need to try one of the techniques described and shown by Peter Unbehauen resulted in my first art project. It is a series of 3 to 4 paintings (I'm not yet final on the exact number). One is finished and already promised to a person very dear to my heart. I will soon write more about this project and show you the first pictures of these paintings.

The next projects are allready in my head: one will be about medieval initials anotherone on architecture and structures. A third one is a task given by my minion mistress I still have to finish.

Well this will keep me buzy for the next ten years or so ;-)!

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